Copper Wire Starter Pack of Gauges 6-18
Copper Wire
Copper Wire

Copper Wire

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Wiring is one of the most essential techniques a bonsai artist can perfect, and the quality of the wire itself is tantamount to success. At Mirai, we've spent years developing and honing a wire product we're proud to offer to our students and practitioners looking to elevate their practice. In the pursuit of the highest quality craftsmanship and aesthetics, we source extremely pure copper and anneal it on site at the garden.

The annealing process involves heating the copper until it passes its recrystallization temperature. This causes the crystalline structure of the wire to re-align itself, increasing the wire’s flexibility and functionality for application on trees. We believe that our copper wire strikes the ultimate balance of softness, work hardening to hold your designs, and holding capacity.

We offer gauges 4 - 18, and a starter pack of gauges 6 - 18.  The starter pack lengths for each gauge are the same as purchasing an individual roll.  

Below are roll lengths for each gauge (imperial):

4 Gauge - 20'
6 Gauge - 35'
8 Gauge - 50'
10 Gauge - 83'
12 Gauge - 125'
14 Gauge- 125'
16 Gauge - 125'
18 Gauge - 125'

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