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Premium Akadama

***Taking Pre-Orders Now***

In 2009, as Ryan's apprenticeship neared its end, he embarked on a journey to Fukushima. He loaded up a moving truck with his belongings and filled a container with an exceptional find: 2200 bags of Akadama. This particular Akadama was unlike any he had ever encountered - it possessed unparalleled quality and hardness. Moreover, the very Akadama that Mr. Kimura, the renowned bonsai master, used for his most prized masterpieces that graced his garden.

Having exhausted that container of Akadama in 2018, Mirai embarked on a five-year quest to seek out a similar quality Akadama. The time has come, and we are now poised to secure a container of Japan's finest Akadama, surpassing anything available in the Western market. This Akadama exceeds all expectations in terms of its characteristics and performance.

Are you ready to harness its exceptional hardness, ideal particle size, and durability, that has allowed us to cultivate the finest trees in the Western world within containers for over a decade without the Akadama breaking down? That is precisely what we're offering, and we extend the chance for you to access this potentially rare and one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Select your particle size from the drop-down below.  For orders of 20 bags or more reach out for bulk shipping options available to you.  Orders of this size are larger get additional Akadama per order! 

Particle Sizes Available: 

  • 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch - 
  • 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch

To offer the best price on shipping Akadama is shipped in a plastic bag inside of a box.  Each box is 19 pounds of Akadama, measured to 11.5 Liters in volume. 

***Taking Pre-Orders Now***

***Ships in Early 2024***