Japanese Wisteria No. 2
Japanese Wisteria No. 2
Japanese Wisteria No. 2
Japanese Wisteria No. 2
Japanese Wisteria No. 2

Japanese Wisteria No. 2

The structure for this curvy and character filled wisteria was initially set in a workshop with Andrew Robson in 2021. The lines, secondary and tertiary ramification have been continuing to evolve ever since. Now that the branching has been built, the best flowering opportunities in the future will occur with a slightly deeper container.

Species | Wisteria floribunda

Estimated Age | 20 years

Time in Training | 3 years

Origin | Mel Ikeda, California

Original Design | Andrew Robson 

Ceramic | Modern Chinese

Weight | 13 lbs

Tree Dimensions | 26" H x 35" W x 33" D

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