Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Stunningly proportioned, this Douglas fir represents the pinnacle of refinement. A show-worthy tree in all aspects, with its compact growth, even distribution, dense branch pads, and asymmetrical design—held in a textured, Horst Heinzlreiter container. The bark and branching of this tree are evidence of its age, and its magnificent trunk is hard to quantify. This world-class bonsai represents what Douglas fir is capable of when combined with time, technique, and artistry.

Species | Pseudotsuga menziesii

Age | 185 years

Time in Training |  9 years

Origin | Collected by Todd Schlafer from the Rocky Mountains.  Original design by Ryan Neil

Ceramic | Horst Heinzlreiter

Weight | 70 lbs

Dimensions | 35" H x 34" W x 28" D

Available for Common Carrier Shipping | No

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