Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5
Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5
Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5
Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5
Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5

Rocky Mountain Juniper No. 5

The quality of Rocky Mountain junipers coming out of the mountains is directly related to the characteristics specific to the exact place and region where the tree is located. This tree was part of a group of Rocky Mountain junipers that possessed an almost unseen age, character, contortion, and quality. From Ryan’s perspective as a bonsai professional, this may be one of the best collected groups of Rocky Mountain junipers to have ever been collected. This composition has a title wave of deadwood, and an intertwining of live and dead at the top of the tree that is absolutely to die for. This tree embodies the rugged nature, character, and artistic aspects of Rocky Mountain junipers that make them so prized as a bonsai subject. Repotted once, initially styled by Jan Culek, and then reworked again into a secondary form, this tree is on a rapidly increasing journey to a world-class show winning tree. Its front slightly changed in angle and rotation, it will need to be repotted in another 2-3 years. For the time being, its internodes are reducing, its foliage is shrinking, and it is rapidly becoming a distinguished tree.

Species | Juniperus Scopulorum

Age | 450 years old

Time in Training | 2 years

Origin | Collected by Randy Knight in the Rocky Mountains

Ceramic | Sara Rayner

Dimensions | 31" H (trunk base to apex) x 45" W x 44" D

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