• Image of Wire Cutter
  • Image of Wire Cutter

As your bonsai practice advances, your tools should effortlessly support the entire spectrum of structural and physically demanding work. The Knipex wire cutter is an ergonomically designed tool with a multi-rivet construction to provide maximum mechanical advantage with minimal effort expended. This tool easily cuts the thickest gauges of wire, minus the wear and tear on your hands. Finally expand your capacity for applying heavy wire with ease and confidence. Use this tool to save your hands, so you may wire bonsai for years and years to come.

*Length: 8”

*Extra padded, ergonomically designed handle that distributes force across a greater surface area on your hand.

*Jaws open to the perfect size for cutting 4 gauge wire.

*Multi-rivet construction allows for a minimal force output, supporting the longevity of a lifelong bonsai practice by saving your hands the extra effort.