• Image of PONDEROSA PINE No. 1
  • Image of PONDEROSA PINE No. 1
  • Image of PONDEROSA PINE No. 1

This Ponderosa Pine has a super interesting, curvaceous trunk and it’s taking that next step as a bonsai with dense backbudding and tight foliage. The needles are slightly long this year due to increased fertilization to push backbudding and actualize the foliage mass. Note that it has some wire biting in that will need to be removed upon arrival. This species grows through wire marks easily, this should not be an issue as long as it is addressed. Otherwise, this is a stellar Ponderosa with good ramification.

Latin name: Pinus ponderosa

Age: 150 years

Time in Training: 6 years

Dimensions: 26" W x 32" D x 31" H - 56 lbs

Pottery: Modern Chinese

Available for Parcel Delivery: No

After all purchases, please contact info@bonsaimirai.com to verify either Covered Wagon, pickup or boarding at Mirai, or (if available) parcel shipping. For parcel shipping, increased rates will apply, dependent on location, dimensions, and weight.

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